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June 8, 2021

Size food

Hello, we are picking up our 9 week old Quaker next week and I had ordered the parrot daily food (green label) and we’ll as the nutrition berries and avi cakes.

Just making sure I ordered the right size of food

Thanks !


Hi Todd,

Congratulation on your new baby! Yes, the parrot size works well for the Quakers. We also have a Conure size in some of our varieties that is a good size for Quakers, and some Quakers like the small Cockatiel sizes. At 9 weeks, his bite may not be as strong yet, so you may need to crumble the Nutri-Berries for him to start off. This is also the best way to introduce these as a new food, because sometimes they aren’t sure if they are something to eat when they first see the berrie shape. He will barely be weaned at that age – in the wild they are actually supplemented by the parents for a bit longer – so make sure to offer him some warm soft food a couple of times a day. This can be cooked, brown rice with some mixed veggies, and you can even mix in some pellets and give them a few minutes to soften. He is learning what food is, so offer him a variety of foods to try. Remember everything will be new to him, so keep trying even if he rejects something the first time. I know you are looking forward to bringing him home and we are here to help if you have any questions.

Again, congratulations!


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