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October 13, 2020

So I used it already

Hello it took a while for you to get back to me so I just thought my email didn’t go through, I actually think you are right and I didn’t spray the mite spray on her I just like spray very small on a washcloth and rubbed it on her back though I do not believe any got on her because of the way I held the washcloth, so I was watching her for the pass few days since I used the thing and she seems fine it must of had not touched her, next time I’ll wait for your answer first sorry you must be shaking you head by now,

Also will her feathers get better I’ve tired to start letting her bathe everyday so that he feathers would recover? Would that help and what should I do for the Boredom she have (two toys all her others she destroyed lol) but I have school and have not really found the time to buy some new ones any suggestions


Hi Morgan,

That’s OK – really, it is safe for most birds, but there is always that chance that a bird can have a bad reaction. It is the same with anything you take yourself. Also, if a mite protector is on the cage and you cover the cage, or you spray the bird heavily and then cover the cage, the bird can get very sick or die from the fumes concentrating. So since mites are so uncommon in pet parrots, I always advise a Vet check rather than an over the counter remedy. I know everything you do for Verde is because you want to do the best thing for her.

You can get a new spray bottle – they sell them for misting plants or mixing your own cleaners – but it needs to be a new one that hasn’t had anything in it before. Fill it with warm water and set it where it sprays a light mist and then you can mist Verde. Start by spraying it well above her and let the mist drift down over her. A lot of birds enjoy this and will show you they like it by moving closer to the spray and spreading their wings or fluffing up. Some birds will even run to their water dish and dip their head or chest in it once you start to mist them. Some birds do not like it. Just try it and see how she reacts. If she screams and runs or flies away, then she may not like it. You can try again, but if she doesn’t seem to like it after a few tries, then don’t mist her. Any damaged feathers will need to molt out, and then the new feathers will be fine. If you can get some pics of her feather damage, please email them to the customer service email you get when you post here, or email to me if you still have my direct email.

For toys, maybe your dad can help you order some online. Amazon carries a lot and they generally tell you what kind of bird they are for. You might also teach her how to forage. This keeps a bird busy all day and is what parrots in the wild do for most of the day. We have a webinar on that, too! In fact we have an entire playlist of ideas for foraging and toys – please see the link below.

Thanks for the updates! 🙂


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