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September 14, 2021

Some Concerns

I’ve checked my injured bird and saw that one wound on one wing was better. But the other still looked bad that raised me a question how long do birds recover from wing injuries? I also checked for signs of plucking and self hurting actions, but the bird seems to be fine and its feathers are in great condition. However it frequently preens his wings. Is this bad?


Hi Lillium,

He may have a skin infection or an internal problem that is causing him to dig into his own skin. If he is doing this, the wound will never heal and he will eventually die from infection. If he is doing this to himself, he needs medication and a collar to keep him from doing this. He could have an infection, parasites or a number of issues that can cause self-mutilation. Self-mutilation is not the same as feather destructive behavior and doesn’t involve damaging the feathers other than where he is causing the wound.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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