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August 11, 2020

Sore on foot

My 32 year old grey is getting a sore on her foot. I have differ perches and keep them clean. I have used aloe on the sore. It will get better then come back. What can I do to help it heal?


Hi Linda,

Your first action should be to take her to an Avian Vet to be checked out. The fact that this is recurring suggests an underlying cause If the Vet has seen her, you need to contact the Vet to let them know that the sore keeps coming back. It could be related to her stance – at 32 she is at an age that she could be developing some age related joint or mobility issues. Something like this can affect the way she stands or how she puts pressure on her feet. There are foods than can help with this, but you have to be careful when using alternative treatments. Your Vet should be consulted before you use something on her. We just hosted a webinar on alternative therapies that you may want to view. Dr. Barron provided very useful information on how to determine if the supplement you need is actually what the label says it is. But again, please consult with your Vet, first, to determine the best plan of treatment.

Webinar: The Pros & Cons Of Alternative Medicine — What You Need To Know For Your Bird

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