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July 20, 2022

Stool sample – Liver Disease webinar Dr. Lamb

hola buena tarde, podríamos hacer un diagnóstico de problema hepático solo con ver las heces?, gracias

hello, good afternoon, could we make a diagnosis of a liver problem just by looking at the stool?, thanks


Hi Ramon,

Here is Dr. Lamb’s response:

You can’ make a diagnosis of liver problems by looking at the stool but you can have a very very very high suspicion of liver disease based off of looking at the urates. Remember that the droppings are composed of three parts in a bird- feces (aka stool), urine and urates. When the urates, which are the white chalky part of the droppings, become green, this is an indication of liver disease or hemolysis (break down of red blood cells). Hemolysis can happen but happens with less frequency than liver disease so when we see green urates we have to be concerned for liver disease first.

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