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January 16, 2023

Sun conure female coming out of nest box..

My question is that why my sun conure female comes out of nest while incubating eggs.. she come out to eat but when am standing there she started aggression on me and wasted time approximately 5 minutes so am worried that her eggs may be dead or something.. kindly guide..



Breeding birds need a lot of privacy. What you see as wasted time, she sees as defending her nest from a predator – you. She can’t stay in the nest all of the time. She will come out for short periods to eat or stretch. You need to stay away from the pair while they have eggs or chicks, and only approach the cage to feed them. If neither bird is in the nest box when you get ready to feed them, leave immediately and go back when she is back on the eggs. If you disturb them too much, they are likely to abandon the eggs. Be patient, give them privacy, and hopefully all will go well.

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