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November 24, 2020

Sunconure breeding

I have an sun conure pair they are about 1.5 yrs of age they started mating like 4, 5 months ago but still haven’t started laying eggs. They are always free roaming around the house . They are tamed wings clipped birds . They are never in their cage i tried keeping a breeding box near the cage where they usually go to sleep (on top of the cage) but they never went in. What should i do for them so that they start laying eggs.


Hi Mohammed,

Your birds are much too young to be set up to breed. I would not give them a nest box until they are 3 years old. Take it away for now and only give them a box when they are old enough, and only if you want them to breed. Once you set them up to breed, they can’t be pets anymore and they can’t roam freely. They can’t have clipped wings – both birds need to be fully flighted to mate effectively. If this is all OK with you, then after they are 3 years old, set them up in a large breeding cage with the nest box attached to the outside of the box, as high as possible. Feed them a nutritionally balanced diet and otherwise give them complete privacy. If they do hatch chicks, you have to remove the nest box when the chicks have left it and rest the parents for 6 months each time they have a clutch.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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