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January 25, 2023

Sunconures Couple, one has passed

Hi I had a Sunconure couple who were very attached to eachother. Unfortunately the girls passed away, no idea why…
But now the male is on his own
What would you suggest. Nr one they are very scares and if you find one they are very expensive and then I don’t know if he will get along with her/him (not al have been sexy, so I would not be sure if I should get one)
A second option has come op of a Baby Pineapple Conure. Do you think that could work?
Thank you very much for your Reply in Advance
Kindest regards Nika



I am sorry about your loss. I would not get a baby conure to be with the adult. Not only is he a larger species, but he would be likely to hurt or kill the younger bird. He has no use for a baby bird – he wants a mature mate. If you can’t handle him, you might try to find a breeder who needs a male and maybe would trade you a baby for a breeding male.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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