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January 14, 2023

Surprise parakeets

Hi, I have a parakeets that that lay eggs and have no for baby chicks. They’ve never done this before but I got them a coconut shell play hot thinking they can keep warm for the winter. I don’t know what to do now the mother has been feeding them well they are growing the oldest one is two weeks old, but they are still all in the coconut shell. Do I have to move them out or will they come out on their own? I’ve never had parakeets breed before.
She is feeding them well and they are growing. I just haven’t tried to handle them and I’m afraid they’re going to outgrow the coconut shell. I did put in a larger nesting box, but they haven’t gone in it at all.



Birds do not need a hut or house or anything to use as a bed. They use a nest – or in this case a nest box – for one reason, to lay eggs. So when you give them anything they can get inside of, chances are they will lay eggs. All you can do is hope they can make it in the shell. If you try to move them, the parents will stop caring for them and let them die. You need to take the nest box out, or they parents may decide to lay eggs there, and abandon the chicks and let them die. Once all of the chicks have left the shell, take it out and throw it away. Do not put the nest box back in the cage yet. They need to wean the chicks, and then rest for 6 months before you give them the nest box. You need to take the chicks out of the cage as soon as the parents wean them. The nest box needs to be removed and the parents rested for 6months between every clutch. And of course never give them a coconut  anything else. Only the nest box, and only for breeding twice a year.

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