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January 9, 2023

Taming lovebirds

Ordered one pair of lovebirds(male n female ).and m a beginner for keeping pet birds .they are semi adult and already paired with each other so how much time can I tame them ?? Please let me know



Lovebirds are very hard to tame unless they are handfed. A male and female together will pretty much be impossible to tame. They will be bonded to each other and have no interest in being your companion. You would need to get a single, young lovebird and maybe you could tame it. But really you need a single, hand fed bird. I’m sorry someone sold you a pair to tame, but realistically, these birds are not going to want to be handled. It is their instinct to only have one companion, and they have each other. Pet birds are only pets because they want a companion, so the owner is their companion in place of another bird as a companion.

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