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September 6, 2022

Temperature and wind for budgies in winter

Can a budgie sleep in 18 -26 degree celcius with 2-4km/h wind is blowing on them?
Does the temperature is only factor for their well being, not wind flow?
If the temperature is optimal but there is wind flow,can budgies sleep or stay comfortable?
I need the answer very urgent..please reply me.



That isn’t very cold at all for budgies as long as they are used to being outdoors. They are much more affected by abrupt temperature changes or really hot temperatures. They should be fine as cold as 10 degrees Celsius, but if the wind gets strong or the temperature drops lower than 10 degrees Celsuis, it can get too cold for them. When housing birds outdoors, it is best to have an indoor area they can access during extreme weather of any kind, where they have protection from the temperature and wind. A heat source is recommended for lower temperatures and a misting system can help during hot temperatures.

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