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July 29, 2019

Too many parakeets

I have a friend who has about 20 parakeets they all live in one big cage. He needs to get homes for all of them. It can not be healthy for him or the birds. He did bring some to the humane society but they could not take anymore . His home is very smell and dirty from all of them . Where can he find homes for the poor birds. He has been trying for almost a year he needs help


Hi Joyce,

I am glad you are trying to help in this situation. I would search for a parrot rescue or sanctuary near you and see if they will take them. Check with the humane society again as they have probably adopted the other birds and may take some more. If there are other animal shelters in your area, check with them. If there are any independent pet shops around, ask the owners. Contact any Vets who see birds and ask them of they have any clients who rescue birds or know of any bird rescues. I would not advertise to individuals because there are a lot of not very nice people out there who might take them for the wrong reason. I wish we could help more but advice is the best we can offer in this situation.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,



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