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March 30, 2021

Toy safety

Glad you mentioned about the dangers of toys for birds. i find most of them very dangerous. I stay away from metal chains. Please mention that bells have sections where the birds could get their limbs caught. Nicole


Hi Nicole,

Any bird toy is only as safe as the way your bird plays with it. I’ve seen birds get injured on toys or clips that were deemed parrot-safe. But toys are a very important enrichment item. With any toy, you need to observe how your bird plays with it in order to determine if that is the right kind of toy for your bird. There is a lot of misinformation. If someone’s bird gets hurt by a toy, the owner jumps on the internet and warns others about how dangerous this toy is. If that was the rule, no bird toy is safe. Some birds seem to get into trouble no matter what they play with. And some birds can safely play with toys that are known to be dangerous. It is important for the toy to be appropriate for the size and species of bird. Yes, some bells have parts that can harm a bird if the bird is too large to be playing with that type of bell. But there are some very safe bell designs that can be safely enjoyed by even the largest parrots. Metal chains can be a hazard for some birds, but many parrots have had toys on metal chains for decades with no issues. It always comes down to the bird and his habits and the owner being aware of what their bird is doing. Common sense and supervision go a long way for keeping your birds safe. It’s much like what Dr. Tully said about medications. The good needs to outweigh the possible down side. We can’t bubble wrap our birds. They need to be kept busy and have things that can work their bodies and minds. The average parrot owner is not home all day. So you find toys that are known to be safe, observe your bird and learn what he can be safe with and what he is likely to hurt himself on.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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