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March 17, 2023

Toys for parakeet

What is safe / unsafe to give a parakeet in terms of toys that it can chew or shred, etc. to keep it from getting bored. My parakeet eats any paper it can get a hold of. Is this safe?


Hi Mary Anne,

You don’t want the bird to eat the paper, but usually they just shred it. If this is a female, I wouldn’t give her anything to shred as this can lead to egg laying. It can cause a male to get hormonal, but as long as he isn’t getting aggressive with you, he can shred plain paper or cardboard. As for toys, buy a reliable brand with safe materials – avoid the cheap toys on Amazon that are imported from other countries. A reliable USA toy company will have descriptions of their toys and they can guide you to the best toys for your bird. Parakeets like plastic & acrylic, softer woods, short pieces of leather or natural rope as some examples.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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