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December 21, 2020

Training a Rosella

What do I need to do to train a Rosella bird. it is only 2 weeks old and it i is trying to bite the tip of my fingers and my ears when on the shoulder. How do I get it not to do so and listen to my instructions.


Hi Amit,

Did you mean 2 months old? A 2 week old Rosella would have no feathers, eyes not open yet and in the nest with the parents. If your bird was hand fed, then it is up to you to set boundaries. I am not a fan of allowing birds on shoulders because it puts them in a superior position and puts the owner in danger of being bitten on the face, ears or eyes. So first, I recommend not allowing the bird on your shoulder anymore. You should keep him on your hand at eye level or lower or on a play gym at eye level or lower. When you get him out of the cage, you need to make him step on your hand – if you allow him to come and go from his cage as he pleases, then he has no incentive to be tame with you. Taming and training takes time and patience. I am going to give you some links to our pages that have detailed information to help you understand his body language as well as how to train him. Remember to always be patient, and only use positive reinforcement – this means you ignore a bad behavior like biting, and reward him for being good.

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