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May 29, 2020

Travel cage

What would be the minimum dimensions for a travel cage for 2 budgies. (not for a long time, just for a small visit to the park)


Hi Jessica,

It is a nice thought to want to take your birds to the park, but what sounds like a fun outing to you is almost certainly going to be terrifying to them. Birds are prey animals so they are very aware of their surroundings and are very alert and insecure until they can be sure they are safe. Anything passing by that is higher than they are is perceived as a predator coming for them. The trees are full of wild birds and squirrels, there are kids playing and being loud, sometimes dogs running around. This is not a good place for 2 small pet birds. There is also the concern of temperature change and the concern of diseases and parasites from wild birds in the environment. Birds cannot tolerate heat well at all, and they do not do well with abrupt temperature changes at all. Generally speaking, inside birds need to stay inside for their own health and safety. You can always place your birds near a window where they can see outside, but many small birds are easily alarmed by being able to see outdoors.

As to a travel cage, there are quite a few small carriers if you check online. A carrier is better than a cage because if a bird panics while in it, cage bars can do more damage than a well ventilated plastic carrier. It needs to be large enough to accommodate the tail, but not much larger – less space is less chance of being injured if they fall or flutter around. In the car it’s best to have a light covering on the cage, at least on the side facing the window because passing cars can scare them. Always warm up or cool down the interior of the car before you bring them out to it.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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