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March 12, 2020

Travel Companions?

What p;recautions should be practiced when taking a green-cheeked conure with me during, say, week-long visits to another community or vacation spot? A smaller, “travel cage” will need to be acquired. What other considerations are there?


Hi Gerald,

Some birds travel well and enjoy going to new places. You will have to see how your bird reacts. If he gets too stressed, it’s probably best to have someone take care of him when you are away. As for traveling, a smaller cage or travel carrier is fine. No hanging toys. Make sure he has food and water – some fresh fruit is a good idea. Cover the cage except for the front – other vehicles or large trucks can scare a bird when they pass you. If the cage can be secured with a seatbelt, this is good. Make sure he doesn’t get too hot or cold – don’t have the AC blowing right on him. and don’t leave him in the car if you stop to eat somewhere.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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