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December 14, 2020

Treating for yeast

İf i treat a bird for avian gastric yeast with amphoterecin- B, is there any possibility that the disease could come back again? Or it will be gone forever.


Hi Filiz,

Any type of gut infection needs to be diagnosed by an Avian Vet, who can then recommend treatment based on the findings. Not all yeast or fungus is the same, and not all medications work for all types. Generally treatment will begin and then the Vet will re-check to determine if the prescribed treatment is working. Once all the medication is completed, the Vet will do one final check to make sure the infection has cleared. Any type of fungal infection can be harder to treat because the medication needs to make contact with it in most cases. As far as re-infection, it depends if the source was determined in the first place. If a bird continues to be re-infected with the same thing, then one needs to look at the environment, enclosure and husbandry practices. In general, caging needs to be made with non-porous materials which mainly means no wood for the frames or any part of the structure that the bird comes in contact with. Wood perches should be disinfected with bleach and sunlight, or replaced. Birds that are kept in an aviary with a soil or rock type flooring are more susceptible to recurring infections because organisms can remain in the ground.

Thank you fir asking Lafeber,


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