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October 12, 2020

Ultra care might spray?

It’s been a while since I’ve asked a question here just for the update Verde is fine I do have a question tho, for the past few week her feathers look shereded so I suspected she was over preening because of mites, so I bought a mite spray from pet co called ultra care mite spray and the directions and sketchy to me it says not safe around domestic animals and has a bunch of warning on it, I was wondering If you were Familiar with This product, if verde died it would kill me so I want to make sure that the product I’m using is safe, I would hate to use it on her and the next day she’s dead so could u please help me with this


Hi Morgan,

I do not recommend using that spray. Mites are extremely rare in pet birds unless they spend most of their time in an outdoor aviary and are exposed to wild birds. I would not use anything without confirmation of mites from her Vet, and then the Vet would have a safe treatment. Many pet birds have become sick or died after a mite spray was used, or even from those “mite protector” discs that can be attached to the side of the cage. Neither is necessary as your indoor bird isn’t going to be exposed to mites.

The feather damage is either out of boredom or another cause. I know Verde had to go the the Vet the last time you wrote, but I don’t know what her diagnosis was? Did you have her on any medications? Young birds can be hard on their feathers, so it may be that she is ready for an adult molt, and her older feathers are simply worn. How is she doing with her diet? Is she on a balanced diet or is she eating a lot of loose seeds? We just had a really good webinar on communicating with your bird and I highly recommend this for you & Verde. I’ll post the video link below. This week on Friday, our webinar is about nutrition and the long term effects inside and out if your bird’s nutrition isn’t balanced. And next week the Vet will discuss how to teach your bird to eat better.  As always the webinar is free to watch live or you can watch the video later. I would suspect some of the feather damage is how she plays in her cage, and maybe her nutrition.

Webinar: What Should I Feed? Nutritionally Balanced Diets are For the Birds!

Thanks for the update!


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