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May 22, 2020

unfertilized eggss

How can I make life better for my parakeet, sitting on 3 unfertilized eggs? Cage mostly covered. Well fed; water, seed, millet, apple. Curious cats, barking chihuahuas and soft talking parrot nearby. Cleopatra is 6+ years old. Her companion, Cesar, died 5 years ago. Her lovebird friend Nefertiti, died 2 months ago. First time, alone. So sad. How long before she eats the eggs?


Hi Ali,

I’m sorry for yours and Cleopatra’s losses. When you have a single bird laying eggs, it is best not to make her too comfortable because you want to discourage this egg laying. She should not have a nest or anything she can use as a nest. Eggs are typically left on the cage floor. She will hopefully give up on the eggs within 3-4 weeks. Some birds sit the duration of the incubation period and others get bored after the first week. She does at least have another parrot in the house. She should be fine as long as she has toys to keep her busy once the eggs are gone.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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