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July 20, 2020

Unhatched egg

Hello Dears,
My cockatiels now have 2 baby chicks and one unhatched egg, it was due 17.07.2020 to be hatched. Now what should I do to that egg? Just take it away from them or let them have it until another week or so? Thanks


Hi Shad!

I hope all is going well with the two chicks. I would leave the unhatched egg there for now. It gives the chick a little protection while they are still teeny tiny. Also, hatch dates are approximate so I always advise to leave eggs alone for at least one week past the hatch date of the last egg laid. Since eggs do not start to develop until they have been incubated for at least 2 days, sometimes an egg might not get under the hen right away or just might be late hatching. It’s better to be safe than lose an unhatched chicks that needed a few extra days. Usually the parents will dispense of any unhatched eggs either by pushing them aside, tossing them from the nest box or eating the eggs. When you notice the egg is always off to one side, it’s OK to throw it away.

Continued best wishes for your new little ones!


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