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October 16, 2020

Verde’s feathers

Photo of Verde’s feathers have been reviewed, please see comments.


Hi Morgan,

Verde is a gorgeous bird! I can see what you mean about Verde’s feathers. She is definitely doing this, but at least it isn’t severe yet. The good news is this type feather destructive behavior is rarely due to an internal issue as far as a disease or disorder. I feel like she may be reacting to the reduced attention since you are in school again. So I still recommend some more toys. This can also be a nutritional deficiency. I would make sure her diet is natural without added artificial colors or preservatives. It’s important that she is on a pelleted diet or foraging diet or both. A seed diet is not going to provide enough nutrition. If she is on a nutritionally balanced diet, she can also have fresh foods but it is not as vital. Studies have shown that even with added supplements, a seed diet is not adequate nutrition for parrots. So I would make sure she is on a good diet and give her some extra toys. Maybe have some music or cartoons on for her when you are at school.

Thanks for the pic and the update!


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