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January 4, 2023

vet question

hello – i have a double yellow headed parrot and i’m guessing he is around 35yrs old..
he / well she i should say laid an egg years ago
but i’ve never ever been able to find a vet that treats birds
i take very good care of my bird – i bathe him once a week put mineral oil on his feet to keep from getting dry. he gets groomed every 3 months but as i said unable to find a vet. exactly how do you find a vet and what does the exam consist of.
thank you



Finding a good Avian Vet can be difficult, and many bird owners find themselves having to drive several hours to get to one. But you are correct that you should have one for her. We have some resources for finding one. And we have also had webinars on the topic, so I’ll give you some links.

Find an Avian Veterinarian


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