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April 28, 2021

Vet specialty

As a European Student (Greece) what would be the best action-plan to take to follow whatever specialty (whether avian or other) with just The Vet School Degree. Would it be easy for me to seek a residency in the US?


Hi Ιosifidis,

Thank you for viewing the webinar from Greece!

Here is Dr. Lamb’s reply:

In order to work in the US you would first need to meet the following criteria:

To practice as a veterinarian in the United States, you must have either 1) graduated from an AVMA Council on Education (COE)-accredited school (please refer to our list of accredited veterinary colleges for the names of accredited schools); or 2) successfully completed an educational equivalency certification program such as that administered by the AVMA’s Educational Commission for Foreign Veterinary Graduates (ECFVG).

The ECFVG is accepted by all state regulatory boards as meeting, either in full or in part, each state’s educational prerequisite for veterinary licensure. If you have further questions regarding educational equivalency certification, please contact the ECFVG. This was the test that I was forgetting the name of during the webinar. So a foreign veterinary student would need to complete that test. If completed then they could seek out a residency program in the US.  Residency, or their equivalent, programs in other countries could have different requirements that I am not aware of. Students of veterinary medicine in other countries should speak with their program advisors to help understand the specific requirements in other countries or to see if there even is an avian residency in their country.

Dr. Stephanie Lamb

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