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August 12, 2019

What bird to buy as a companion for my Cockatiel?

I’m a long-time pet lover. I got a baby Cockatiel 2-years ago when I decided to have my own pet bird. I chose Cockatiel from other bigger parrots since I was a first-time bird owner. Its been 2 years now, and I would like to upgrade to a bigger bird. I plan on keeping them in different cages. What all options do I have? or Should I once again go with another Cockatiel?


Hi KJ,

Any bird that you decide is right for you will be fine because it will be in a different cage. You are your cockatiel’s companion so a new bird would be for your benefit. Both being birds, they may vocalize to each other or they may completely ignore each other. It is important that they each have some quality time with you. They do not need to interact outside of their cages with each other. Although not really larger, the green cheek conures are a great pet and generally even tempered. They still have a stronger beak than a cockatiel so I would not let them out together. Most birds owners have 2 or more pet birds and work it out where they have time for each bird.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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