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May 27, 2020

what bird to get

Hello,what kind of bird will get along with an African grey parrot Without fighting? Can a green parrot get along with an African grey parrot? Thanks in advance for answering


Hi Latifa,

Any bird you get will need to have it’s own cage so it doesn’t matter if the birds get along. Most likely they will not get along. If these are pet birds, then you are the companion for each bird. There is no need or advantage for your birds to get along. If they did get along, they could end up bonding and not want to be a pet anymore. If you do bring home a second bird, your Grey will probably get jealous and may act out some. Be sensitive to his needs and remember he was there first. Don’t spend more time with the new bird than you do with him. It’s natural to want to handle a new bird a lot when he comes home, but this isn’t fair to the Grey and can result in resentment and jealous behavior from him.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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