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June 9, 2020

What can I do to make my bird feel safe

Hi, it’s me again, My yellow, sided green cheek is coming tomorrow, she’s been on a long journey and I’m sure she’s going to be scared and nervous what can I do to help her on her first day home


Hi Morgan,

I know you are excited to meet her! As you said, she will be scared and probably tired. It is usually best to let a bird settle in before you try to handle her. Unless she is calling to you and showing signs of wanting to be picked up. I would cover part of her cage so she can feel safe. Make sure she has the same kind of food she is used to eating as well as fresh water. She may need several days or longer to settle in. Just be patient with her and talk to her. I am going to give you some links where you can find some helpful articles on helping a new bird settle in as well as our nutrition guide.

Caring For Your Bird

Bird Food Guide

Thanks for the update!


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