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November 8, 2019

What food can I get

I need a great food, fruit, vegetable blend for my ringneck doves. What’s best?


Hi Kristina,

As I am sure you have observed, dove swallow food whole, except for some softer foods where they will tear off pieces. Our diets are made for foraging, but for the hookbill that parrots have. Doves can eat our foods, but you would have to crumble them up a lot. We do offer Berry Bits, which are smaller pieces of the Nutri-Berries, but they only come in a 20# size and some of the bits will still be too large and need some crumbling. These can be stored long term in the freezer, so a box would last a long time and the food is nutritionally complete. I used to feed it to a pet pigeon I had.

Otherwise you can supplement their diet with fresh chopped fruits and veggies – they love the frozen mixed veggies mixed with cooked brown rice. They can also have multi grain bread and cooked eggs, although not too many eggs unless they are breeding.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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