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February 27, 2023

What is the best Cage size for conure

Hey. I live in a tiny house and moving my conure to a smaller cage. It’s 14×18 and cage alone is 59.6. Is this too small?



You didn’t mention the species of conure, and there is a huge size difference between the species that are commonly called conures. But even the smallest species would feel very cramped in a cage that size. Conures are very active and need room to explore and lots of toys to play with. The size cage you are talking about is closer to the size that is used for a sleeping cage. Were you saying the cage is 59 inches tall? Tall cages are not appropriate for parrots. Horizontal space is much more important than vertical. In a tall cage, they rarely use most of it. I would say a minimum size would be closer to 20 X 20 X 32Tall(cage, not including a stand) which are common cage measurements.

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