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February 12, 2019

What pelleted food

Hello, I have a Green Cheek Conure and a Senegal Parrot and I want to know what pelleted food they should be eating. I prefer to only have to buy one type if that is acceptable.


Hi Katy,

Both can eat pellet sizes for small parrots or conures. However, pellets can get very boring for a parrot. The good news is they do not have to eat only pellets to get complete nutrition. Our Nutri-Berries, Avi-cakes and Pellet-Berries are nutritionally balanced the same as a pellet, but they contain whole ingredients and provide the natural foraging exercise that parrots need for their physical and mental well being. In the wild, parrots spend most of their day foraging for food and studies have found there is a real benefit to providing this type enrichment to captive parrots. Either way, you would choose small parrot or conure size for your birds, or even a lovebird or cockatiel size. It really comes down to the bird’s preference rather than which size is the right one.

Our bird food guide will provide more information.

Bird Food Guide

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