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December 1, 2022

When should I wean baby bird?

I have an approx 8 week old Rainbow Lorikeet that i handraised on formula. He/she is almost fully featherered except the tail and back of neck. He readily accepts syringe feeding and is confused when i offer him any solid food, rather mostly just spitting it/not even taking the food. Is this normal behaviour? also when should I wean him, when he’s fully feathered?



You should definitely be offering solid foods already. Generally you begin around 6 weeks old. Most Lorys and Lorikeets will readily eat formula from a bowl. I’m not sure if you have a liquid formula, pellets or a combination for the final diet, but you need to begin offering these foods, along with some fruits & veggies. Of course NO seeds at all. The first thing each morning, instead of hand feeding him, give him a selection of foods he can eat on his own – warm formula in a bowl, soaked and dry pellets, fruits, veggies and some warm soft foods like cooked rice with mixed veggies. Leave the room where he can’t see or hear you for an hour, the return and hand feed him. Don’t stuff him, and leave the foods in the cage for him to try. Repeat this process before each hand feeding. He should gradually explore the new foods, and will naturally start eating less formula until he rejects it entirely. He will waste a lot during this process, but this is the best way to wean him so that he feels secure and doesn’t develop anxieties over food.

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