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November 15, 2019

White winged parakeet

More than a question, it is more of a suggestion. It would be nice to have information and representation of my canary-winged Parakeet/ White winged Parakeet in the site.


Hi Conny,

I will pass you request along to our writers.

White-winged parakeets are of course from the Brotogeris genus. This genus first became very popular when the Grey cheeked parakeets were imported to the US in large numbers. Very few of the other Brotogeris species would be imported also, but the Grey cheeked were the most popular as pets. Because of the large number imported, few bird breeders tried to breed them and those who did found they were extremely hard to breed. Importation was eventually banned and the US population of grey cheeks began to dwindle with only a couple of breeders specializing in them. The white wing – which was previously classified as a sub-species of the Canary wing and was quite rare in captivity, proved to be a better breeder in captivity and are not very hard to find these days. The true Canary wing, which used to be very common, is difficult to find which is also due to the difficulty in breeding them in captivity. Brotogeris species in general are probably the best small pet bird species as they have the good temperament of a cockatiel, but better talking ability and behavior that is more like a large parrot species. But unfortunately the lack of availability due to the difficulty in captive breeding has kept this genus a hidden gem these days.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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