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October 4, 2021

Why does my cockatiel female mostly in the breeding box

When she is in there and he’ll try to go in they will start to poke eachother in the face, they’ve bred before and are very used to the breeding box


Hi Ishaq,

Did you rest the pair after their last clutch? You should always remove the nest box or block the entry after each clutch, and rest the pair for 6 months. They should only be allowed to have two clutches per year, which is one more than they have in the wild. Sometimes a pair just gets tired, or maybe tired of each other. You can try removing the box and maybe splitting the birds up temporarily. It’s important that they are at least 2 years old. If they are younger, this may be why they are acting this way. And sometimes a pair may breed and raise chicks once and then not do well the next time.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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