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May 1, 2021

Wild Outdoor House Finch

Yes, they are wild and outside our sliding glass door. I’m not sure what you will be able to answer for me. I’m beginning to think the mother abandoned after the chicks were born. There are 3 chicks in the nest that the male seems to be feeding. I’ve noticed several other males coming to investigate. He chases them off. Thank you for your time. BTW I am leaving it alone, only peaking from time to time when they aren’t around.


Hi Patrick,

I’m sorry – I misunderstood your first post and thought the chicks had already fledged and left the nest. Sadly it is unlikely the mother would have abandoned her chicks – most likely she was taken by a predator like a cat. Hopefully the male can keep caring for them and protect them from the other males. If there is a wildlife center in your area, you could contact them to see if they feel they should take the chicks. This is the link to the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association’s search page for finding help locally.

Wild finches  do grow rapidly, so with any luck the lone male can care for them.

Thank you for your concern,


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