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May 3, 2021

Will giving my new budgie a friend make him untame

Good afternoon all. I got a parakeet (Blue) about a month or so ago. He is trained and totally comfortable with me. He will fly and sit on my finger, head etc.
I recently thought i want to get him a mate. Probably a baby parakeet of about less than 4 months old. If i bring them together in one cage, will Blue become untamed? I read online somewhere that when you bring a tamed and untamed budgie together. The tamed will either teach the other to be tame or vise versa. I just wanted to see if i do make this decision that i wont lose my relationship with blue.
Thank you all


Hi Michael,

I would not put another bird in the cage with Blue. Birds will almost always choose another bird over a human when they are sharing a cage. Even if they are the same sex, they are likely to form a bond and not be tame with you. If you get another bird in another cage, Blue is likely to be jealous. But as long as he is getting the attention he is used to, he will adjust. You could let the birds interact when they are out of the cage, and most likely Blue will remain tame.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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