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April 19, 2021

Will i be able to tame two budgies in one cage?

Hello. I recently got one budgie, not sure if he was hand tamed but whenever i placed my hand near him he would only budge a little. Ive had him for a few days and decided its best to get him a friend since they are social creatures. Ive noticed that ever since the new budgie came along, my original budgie has been moving away from me a lot more. My goal is to try train both of them and create a special bond, but i would also like them to bond. I read online that if there are two budgies in a cage they won’t bond with you at all as they prefer each other.
I am just wondering if i have any chance at all to get close to them whilst they both live in the cage together. They are both Male


Hi Danijela,

It is not likely that you can tame these birds or form much of a bond with them. While they are social birds, they only bond with one bird, their mate. They live in flocks mainly for safety, since they are prey animals. Young budgies interact, but once they are old enough to choose a mate, then they only have contact with the mate after that. Pet birds are still wild bird, even when captive bred. So they have their instincts unlike a domestic dog or cat. We are basically another flock member. We replace another bird, although technically not a mate. When a bird is caged with another bird, even the same sex, they will almost always bond and then no longer be tame or not want to be tamed. They have a companion and have no need for human companionship. So even if both birds were tame to begin with, once caged together, they would become less interested in being handled and at some point not want human contact at all. They are curious, and might show some interest in you, but they are very unlikely to become hand tamed. You would have to keep each in a cage, and then if you are able to tame both bird, you might be able to have them interact when they are out of the cage. But having two birds makes it harder whether they are in different cages or not. I’m not saying this is impossible, but you really have your work cut out for you, and generally speaking, your birds are just going to want to be with each other. I’ll give you the links to our training and behavior pages to give you some tips.

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Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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