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September 7, 2021

Wing Injury

Remember the bird I described to you that had strange behavior and poor flight performance? I discovered two injuries under its wings near the body. This explained the symptoms. I suspect it’s from its aggressive companions. It looked bloody(clotted), but no swelling and bleeding. The lovebird’s appetite has improved and can now scratch its face(which it wasn’t able to then). Its bonded mate is friendly to the bird recently so I have put them together because it did not like the absence from its flock. I’m concerned how can I speed its recovery and make the bird more comfortable. (There are no avian vets in my country and can’t afford one)


Hi Lillium,

When the injury is under the wing, it is more likely the bird did this to himself. He could have a skin infection or something internal going on. The wound needs to be kept clean, and the bird probably need antibiotics. If the bird is doing this, he might need a collar to keep him from continuing this. I understand the costs of vet care, but it is one of the responsibilities of pet ownership. We can’t legally give Veterinary advice, and without seeing the wound and examining the bird, there is no way to know exactly what is going on here. We do have some first aid webinars you can view, but these are intended to be for emergency care just until you can get the bird to a vet.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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