rabbit jumping in air

Epic Bunny Binkies From Foinz

Thanks to Foinz, a rabbit owner who posts to numerous social media platforms, now the world can enjoy amazing bunny binky videos.

white rabbit standing by tree

The Case Against Live Rabbits For Easter

At some point in the past, people began giving live bunnies to children for Easter. For the past several years, many rabbit enthusiasts have fought against this tradition. Why? To save rabbit lives.

photos of Wally The Bunny

Wally The Famous Instagram Bunny

Wally The Bunny won fame via social media because of his unique looks, photogenic poses, and the slice-of-life and humorous posts by his owner. Find out what he’s all about and his unexpected farewell.

rabbits crawl on woman lying on ground

The Rabbits Of Rabbit Island In Japan

Okunoshima island in Japan, also called Rabbit Island, is famous. Why? Because people who visit the island with food are overrun by feral rabbits looking for free meals.

rabbit being petted on head and back

Where Do Rabbits Like To Be Petted?

How do rabbits feel about petting? Where do rabbits like to be petted? Before asking where rabbits like to be petted, it’s better to ask whether rabbits want to be petted at all.

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