face of a rat that is yawning and snuggled in blanket

Do Pet Rats Bite?

The question of whether pet rats bite has a very complex answer. Most pet rats don’t bite, and when a rat does bite the reason why is as important as the incident.

rat wearing angel wings posed on a cloud

Dealing With A Beloved Pet Rat Death

A pet rat death can hit you hard, especially if the rat was a soulmate. Brandi Saxton offers advice on how to deal with the grief to get past any guilt and celebrate the life of your beloved friend.

rat in cage peering out open door

Rat Safety During Evacuation And Emergencies

If a sudden emergency arises and you need to evacuate from your home, do you have a plan to keep your pet rats safe? Check out these tips that focus on rat safety during emergencies.

two rats standing on fleece on carpet

My Favorite Tips For Rat Care

Pet rats are amazing but taking care of them costs money and can be a chore unless you develop money-saving strategies, and organization and cleaning hacks to minimize costs and chores and maximize fun!

rat standing beside rat mom of the year mug and a vase of flowers

How To Be The Best Rat Mom Or Rat Dad

Being the best rat mom or rat dad that you can be involves being educated about rats, providing the proper habitat, and several more key factors. But you can do it!

rat posed on a towel and wearing a jester hat

Quirky Rat Traits Or Rat Pranks?

Some pet rat behaviors are mysterious to us, but are these merely rat traits or are these behaviors actually rat pranks they are playing on us?

two photos combine to show two groups of rats

Rat Life Lessons From Older Rats

Older rats have a lot of wisdom to pass along, and younger rats can benefit from these life lessons that include stealing treats and scoring back rubs.

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