Course 41: The Joy Of Bird Watching

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Twitching, backyard birding, counting and more are all part of the wonders you can participate in while bird watching!

wild bird perched on branch during snow

“Twitching” is Bird Watching at Its Extreme

There’s birding, and then there’s an extreme form of birding referred to as “twitching,” where enthusiasts are willing to brave the elements, the costs and other obstacles to catch a glimpse of a rare bird in the wild. Learn the story behind the “twitchers” name and the lengths they are willing to go to see a feathered beauty in nature.

Carolina wren

Become A Backyard Birder

An increasing number of people have taken up birding as a way to feel connected with the world around us and expand their knowledge of nature. Now is the perfect time to become a birder. Many top bird-centric organizations are making it easier than ever for families to learn birding basics.

bird on a fence

Make Your Love Of Birds Count

Make your love of birds count this November. Project FeederWatch invites bird fans to partake by watching birds at their feeders for two designated days per week. See what to be on lookout for and how your participation can help birds near and far.

new jersey Audubon event poster

Bird-Watching & Conservation Go Hand-In-Hand

Annual bird-watching events contribute greatly to our understanding and observation of birds in their natural habitats. Long-established birding events, as well as new events popping up throughout the year, are valuable in that they help foster interest in our native birds and the ongoing efforts to help them survive in an ever-developing world.

logo for Cornell Global Big Day

Everyone Counts On This Birding Day

Global Big Day provides amazing data on birds in the wild, thanks to the efforts of thousands of volunteers collecting data. Find out which country topped the list with the most species in 2018!

Blue Jay on a snowy branch

The Christmas Bird Count

The annual Christmas Bird Count began in 1900 and provides important information on wild bird population trends. And you can volunteer to be part of it!

Macaws and Amazon parrots share a clay lick at the Tambopata National Reserve, Peru

Adventure Awaits: Bird-Watching Tours

From South America and Central America to Africa and Indonesia — and just about everywhere in between — there are hundreds of bird-watching tours to choose from and each offers a unique adventure in birding. Here’s a glimpse of a few travel options where you can see parrots and other birds in their natural habitats.

black wild bird

Online Birding Game Lets You Compete With Other Birders

Similar to Fantasy Sports, the virtual North American Big Year is a game for birding enthusiasts. And you can compete without leaving your home!