Course 43: Parrots Inspire And Amaze

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Read on to find out how parrots engage more than your heartstrings to also inspire a sense of wonder.

Indian ringnecks outside window

Mumbai Musician’s Unexpected Biggest Fans — Wild Parrots

Mumbai-based musician Jatin Talukdar had two unexpected admirers when he began to play guitar and whistle out his window — two wild parrots.

man holds framed sign for Guinness World Record For Aviary With Most Bird Species

Guinness World Record For Aviary With Most Bird Species

The Shuka Vana Bird Home in India earned a Guinness World Record as the one aviary in the world with the most bird species at a single location.

two crystal cockatoo figurines

Bird Art On The Auction Block

If you’re an art-loving bird enthusiast, an auction house is one avenue for scoring an endearing work of bird art. Parrot-inspired sculptures range from inexpensive to extravagant.

African grey Parrot

Newsworthy Bird Stories

Do a Google news search with the key words “parrot” or “bird.” You might be treated to some fascinating and downright entertaining bird stories — perfect topics to read aloud to your pet bird!

Congo African Grey parrot outside on hand; parrot wears leash

Parrots As Service Animals

Parrots offer support to owners with special emotional needs, so could parrots someday be recognized as service animals?

close up of yellow budgie / parakeet

Bird-Inspired Prose From Kevin Brockmeier

Kevin Brockmeier takes readers on a journey to a city where everyone sings, except a mute man who raises parakeets. And then something amazing happens.

Bird on a hammock

San Francisco Bird Hotel Caters to Feathered Clientele

It’s no surprise that dogs and cats have fancy spas and boarding facilities to cater to their every need, but birds? The San Francisco Bird Hotel offers just that — a spa and resort built just for the birds. See how this hotel for the birds came to be and how it caters to its feathered clientele.