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July 26, 2022

Accidental male/female budgie pets

I found out that my two budgies are male/female. I’m not interested in breeding them, but love them and don’t want to give either of them up for adoption. I got the male budgie a few months ago. The were recently introduced in the same cage, after months of casual introductions. The next day, I saw what I later am now convinced that they mated or tried to. I did separate them immediately when I was suspicious. I’ve had the female budgie for over a year and was convinced she was a male. Now her behavior and me reading more, I realize she is definitely female. I was initially thinking the male budgie is only 5 1/2 months based on when he first molted. Today is day 11 after I realized they are male/female. There is still no egg. The female is still very active and happy. However, both of them don’t like not being right next to each other. They keep wanting each other’s attention. Should I be concerned that she hasn’t laid an egg, even if it is infertile?


Hi Elizabeth,

It is best that she has not laid an egg. She is really not old enough – she is capable, but she still has some physical and mental development to go through. I would not keep them in the same cage, even if you did want to breed them. Both birds are too young for breeding – he is far too young. If her hormones kick in fully, she is likely to turn on him because he is still immature. She can attack and kill him because he isn’t a suitable mate yet. You can allow some interaction outside of the cage, with supervision, but split them up at any signs of trying to mate. I don’t know if you handle these birds at all, but they will end up losing interest in you if they are allowed to bond. Since you aren’t interested in breeding them, it is best that they never share a cage.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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