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June 24, 2019

African grey

My grey of 9years, she suddenly laid an egg . (No male bird / mating) . What should be done ? Not sure what i should do


Hi Jane,

She may lay more than one egg, usually with a day between each egg. It is best to let her keep the eggs if she is trying to sit on them. If they break or she is completely ignoring them, then throw the eggs away. If she is sitting on them, she will likely give up in 2 – 4 weeks and push the eggs aside. Hopefully this will satisfy her and she won’t do this again for a while. Do not give her a nest or anything to shred or anything to sit in. If you make her more comfortable, this will only encourage more egg laying. If she keeps laying eggs after this clutch, then you will need to make some changes in her environment. You can reduce her daylight hours, move things around in the cage, move the cage to another place in the room, reduce the amount of fresh foods you give her and most importantly limit any petting to head scratches. Typically only a mate is allowed to groom her on her body so when we pet our birds anywhere but the head, we can trigger hormonal behavior. It is also important that she get enough calcium because greys tend to have issues with low calcium anyway. If she continues to lay eggs, you should consult with your avian vet in case she needs a calcium supplement.

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