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September 25, 2018

Best diet for sick canary

I adopted two canaries last December. Had checkup, seemed ok. In June one died suddenly. Necropsy and pathology reports revealed bleeding ulcers in pre-stomach and stomach. Severe vitamin a deficiency. Secondary infection. His mate has blood in her poop, and also kidney problem. She is taking medication that serves as a “band aid,” and antibiotic in her water for 21 days. Senior avian vet said 2 teaspoon seeds, and 1 teaspoon Harrison mash for now. No fresh fruits or vegetables while taking antibiotic. Any recommendations for best diet to follow? Supplements? She is around 3 years old.


Hi Sondra,

I’m sorry to hear about your canaries. Did the Vets feel the overall cause was malnutrition? Were they on a seed only diet? If this was the case, then once the medications are done, she should be able to do well on any good pelleted diet. A pelleted diet should be nutritionally balanced and there should be no need for additional supplements like vitamins. However, we still recommend offering dark leafy greens, finely chopped fruits and veggies and even small amounts of multi grain bread.

We make a Canary Pellet as well as Finch Granules – you could offer both just give a variety as far as shape goes. You might also want to refer to our food guide which gives tips on what fresh foods to feed & cooking for your bird.

Bird Food Guide

Canary Pellets

Finch Granules

I hope she does well with her recovery.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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