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August 21, 2020

Birds for appartement life

I’m interested in buying a bird but i live a 3 1/2 size Appartement building . which bird species would suited for life in a Appartement? I would a medium-sized bird.


Hi Alexis,

Most birds will be fine in an apartment as far as having enough room. But the problem is the noise. There is no such thing as a quiet parrot. Some species are not as loud as other species, but any parrot can learn a loud noise and repeat it over and ever, as well as having their own natural calls. Conures and Cockatoos are louder birds. And most macaws can be very loud – the smaller macaws are actually louder than the large macaws in general. Amazon parrots can go either way, but again, if they want to be loud, they can. African Greys tend to be more quiet, but they can learn annoying sounds like smoke alarms, car and house alarms, etc. and repeat those very loudly. Pionus parrots are also fairly quiet, but they also have their loud moments. Smaller birds like lovebirds, cockatiels and parakeets tend to chatter most of the day. So you need to wait and see how much you can hear from your neighbors and what the noise rules are for your building. It isn’t fair to a parrot for you to expect it to be quiet all of the time. They are naturally loud and need to be able to vocalize sometimes. You can work on reducing how much they scream or call, but you can’t stop them without abusing them. A quiet option would be doves or pigeons. They can be great pets if you get a young bird and generally do not coo loudly enough to disturb your neighbors.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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