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September 11, 2020

Breeding cockatiels

Types of food can be added


Hi Michael,

Cockatiels need to be on a nutritionally balanced diet such as pellets and/or our foraging diets. In addition you can offer dark leafy greens, chopped veggies & fruits. When getting ready for breeding, you should also start offering cooked eggs with the shell crushed and cooked with them – wash the shell thoroughly before you break the egg. Multi grain bread is also good when they are breeding. And a lot of females will start using a cuttle bone if they didn’t before because of needing the additional calcium. Once they have eggs, the parents will start eating a lot more, and once the eggs hatch, the parents will consume large amounts of food. It is important that you replenish their food and water throughout the day to insure that they have plenty of food and fresh water at all times. If they feel there isn’t enough food, they may stop looking after the eggs or feeding the chicks. Here is a link to our diet guide for more information

Bird Food Guide

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