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April 26, 2022

Breeding parakeets

I have a male and female budgie, and am trying to breed them. The female is so back and forth with her moods, sometimes they’re kissing and he feeds her, and other times she is really mean to him. Two days ago I saw him trying to mount her, I don’t know if it was successful or not. Then yesterday she attacked him and made him bleed, so I had to put him in a different cage. I then discovered an egg in her nesting box. Should I try to let the male back in her cage so he can help feed her, or keep them separated?


Hi Trestyn,

I would not put them back together – she might kill him since she has already injured him. Spat are OK, but the rule is if feathers are being ripped out or if blood is drawn, they have to be separated. Unfortunately you should remove the nest box. From what you said, I seriously doubt the egg is fertile. She can’t do this by herself and he can’t go back with her for now. Are these birds at least 2 years old? If not, they should not be together yet anyway, and definitely not breeding. Is the male a lot younger than the female? Often older females will kill a young male if he isn’t fully mature. I would consider different mates for these birds, and possibly not getting the female a mate. Some females are too aggressive to breed. And some pairs are simply not compatible. I’m afraid she doesn’t care for this male and is going to kill him. They are not bonded as a pair should be for breeding.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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