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July 9, 2021

Budgies breeding

I have an one year old female budgie who recently started mating . She just tried to lay an egg today but it got stuck to her vent and covered in blood . We managed to stop the bleeding and remove the egg but there is still a lump stuck to the vent part and covered in blood . We don’t have local vets around here so I need a home remedy to treat her and get some relif for her.


Hi Alifya,

Unfortunately this is beyond anything you can help her with at home. It sounds like she has suffered a prolapse of her reproductive system. The only way to save her is with Vet care. Most likely the Vet will have to perform surgery. Having a bird often means traveling a distance to take it to a vet who treats birds. This bird needs emergency treatment. If she survives, you should not let her have a mate or try to breed her again. If you want to breed birds in the future, please do additional research. Budgies should not be given a mate until they are about 2 years old. While they can breed at an earlier age, they really are not fully developed. A young hen is at a much higher risk of becoming egg bound, which is what has happened here.

Take care,


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