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March 11, 2019


My cockatiel likes other people but he gets a little afraid around me. (He’s a rescue) He sometimes starts calling me whenever I leave the room, but when I come back, he looks scared, what should I do to help him no it’s okay?


Hi Katelyn,

It may be that someone from his previous home used to tease him and you resemble that person. As an example, if a bird is abused by a man with dark hair, the bird might be nervous around any man with dark hair. It doesn’t have to be a close resemblance. It sounds like possibly when the bird was too loud, someone would come into the room and yell at the bird or cover his cage. So he is expecting this type of treatment when you come into the room when he has been calling. Be patient with him and talk to him a lot and reassure him that you are not going to hurt him or yell at him. As long as you are kind to him, he will eventually come around. It may take some time, but that is where your patience comes in. Meanwhile, read some of the links on the page below and you can get some tips on reading his body language and how to work with him.

Caring For Your Bird

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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