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February 11, 2020

Cockatiel Breeding Issue

I have got a pair of Cockatiles about 7 months ago. When I purchase at that time their age was nearly 1 year. and most of the time they stays inside the breeding box.
The shopkeeper told me that they are breeding pairs. so to make it confirm I took them to Veterinary Doc. He confirmed me that they are almost one year old or more elder and ready to breed. and he gave me a drops (Amino Esel Liquid) to help them in breeding for 7 days.
After 7 days I absorved them mating like I saw them mating 3 times.

Now they mates properly play Love both together.
And Most of the time they BOTH stays inside the breeding box. they just come out to have their meal and again go iside the breeding box.
Some time they stay for long out side the breeding box.
they both fights sometimes.

I provides them seed mix, bread powder with boiled egg and green vegies and wheats.. they don’t like fruits.
I hope you understand my doubts
so please help me out for my doubts.

What should I do to make their breed perfect and lay fertile eggs and make them stay out of the breeding box in cage.

They are nearly 2 years older.
What is the reason she is not laying eggs ?


Hi Abdullah,

These birds are only just at an age to start breeding them. When you begin earlier, they may be physically mature enough to breed, but they have not developed enough mentally. Birds tend to become physically mature much too early in captivity due to diet and a more stable environment. Regarding diet, seeds are not adequate for pet or breeding birds. You need to e offering a nutritionally balanced diet such as pellets or our foraging diet – Nutri-Berries, Avi-Cakes or Pellet-Berries. Our foraging diets do contain whole, fresh seeds long with other ingredients to provide 100% nutrition. So first I would recommend that you change them from seeds to a balanced diet. The other foods you are providing are fine. Here is more information on nutrition;

Bird Food Guide

I think if you improve their diet, then after a few months you are more likely to see her lay some eggs. Keep in mind that the first clutch almost always fails, and sometimes it take a couple of clutches before they are successful. Once she does lay eggs, it is important to remove the nest box and rest her after the chicks are weaned if the eggs hatch.

If you improve their diet and still nothing happens, the pair may not be fertile. Not all birds will be good breeders. Mainly remember it take a lot of patience to breed birds. If they were easy to breed, they would not cost as much as they do.

Thank you for asking Lafeber,


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